The opinion of customers, partners and other market participants is highly appreciated and respected by Oilproduction Company. The Company maintains strong and friendly relations with current partners and always welcomes new and promising cooperation opportunities.

Oilproduction Company is open for cooperation and seeks to develop long-term business contacts. A strict observance of contractual obligations, transparent and honest business practices, and the creation of a supporting atmosphere are crucial for us. For our part, we guarantee high-quality products, efficient contractual arrangements, and compliance with payment liabilities.

One of the areas of cooperation with Oilproduction is the provision of services related to customer-supplied sunflower processing with the help of own production facilities.

Quite often oil processing companies face downtime periods. To maximize the capacity utilization, the company processes up to 30% of total annual volumes of oil from other companies on a tolling basis.

This type of cooperation includes the following stages:

- Provision of raw materials by a supplier to a processor based on tolling contracts;

- Payment for raw material processing operations and other operations that may be necessary during the technological process;

- Shipments of finished products to the supplier.

For more details about cooperation opportunities, please, contact representatives of Oilproduction Company.