The mission of Oilproduction Company is to supply high quality sunflower oil to customers at reasonable prices. The Company carefully selects its raw materials obtained from eco-friendly southern regions of Ukraine for production purposes, which, in addition to the innovative technological process, allows preserving of useful components and rich flavor of natural products. The Company also supplies by-products received during the vegetable oil manufacturing: high protein meal and sunflower husk pellets.


Ukraine is a leading player on the world’s market of sunflower oil. Ukraine exports more than 3.5 million tonnes of sunflower oil annually. Key sales markets for Ukrainian sunflower oil exporters, including Oilproduction Company, are Southeast Asia, West Europe, CIS and Middle East regions. Profitable trade is a good incentive for Ukrainian companies to expand their production. Such a demand for sunflower oil is attributed to its useful and positive impact on the human body. Sunflower oil contains linoleic acid which helps strengthen the immune system, reduce the level of cholesterol and prevent oncological diseases. It is also a powerful antioxidant and takes part in protein and carbohydrates metabolism. Moreover, it improves memory and endocrine gland functioning.

State Standart of Ukraine 4492:2005 for non-refined ,non-winterised sunflower oil of 1st grade and requirements of European Union as to hydrocarbons (C10-C56-less than 50ppm) This product correspond to all declared quality characteristics and be suitable for further processing and human consumption. Not to contain any impurities

Qualitative indicators :

Xlodine value max 25 мг
Peroxide value max 7,5% millimole / kg
Acid value max 4 mg KOH/g
Non-fatty admixtures max 0,1%
Moisture & volatile substances % max 0,2%
Phophorous (as steoro- oleoolecithin ) max 0,6%
Sediments max 0,2 %
Contamination of mineral oil / hydrocarbons max 50 mg/kg
Flash point, оС min 225 dergrees centigrade


A valuable feed which contains 30-43% of crude protein, a rich set of amino acid, in particular high level of methionine that has a favorable impact on growth and development of young stock. In comparison with oilcake, the meal has more crude protein, but less fat – not more than 1.5%. The content of husk is not more than 16% (there is also meal without husk).

Qualitative indicators :

Mass fraction of protein,% on dry matter 40,4%
Mass fraction of fiber,%, on dry matter 18,7%
Moisture and volatile matter%/td> 8,8%
Fat content%, based on the abs% on dry matter 1,6%


In terms of heat emission husk pellets can be compared to lignite charcoal. Other advantages include environmental safety, cost effectiveness, convenient storage and manufacturing.

In addition, ash produced as a result of pellet burning can be efficiently used as a fertilizer.